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   Siam Niramit Show 



Siam Niramit Show 

The must see show in Thailand

The journey to the enchanted kingdom of Siam

- One of the largest stage production in the world. 

      - Over 100 performers with more than 500 costumes.

                   - Amazing special effects using the world's most advanced technology. 

- An excellent introduction to Thailand's history and culture. 

- Stunning sets based on treasured works of art. 


Act I - Journey back to History 

For over seven centuries, Siam has been home of diverse cultures, a cross-road where civilizations meet. 

In Act 1, Siam Niramit take you back to the past to witness.....













                                                  The North                                                                                The South Seas 

                                   The ancient Kingdom of Lanna                                                      Traders from Overseas 

                    The King and the queen lead a procession to worship             In the south, Thai Buddhists and Muslim cultures

          relics of the Lord Buddha. They release a ceremonial lantern         blend harmoniously. Chinese merchants arrive from 

           then the royal guards perform a display of swordsmanship.                           across the sea to barter goods. 







                                    The Northeast (Isaan)                                                                        The Central Plains 

                           Heritage of the Khmer Civilization                                                      Ayutthaya...The Mighty Capital 

               Villagers celebrate religious festival in front of                           The peasant live a simple life, cultivating rice in the 

                 the sacred temple. Suddenly an ancient and                   fertile soil of the Central Plains. Life in the Palace, in contrast, 

             revered Khmer temple, appears before their eyes            is very grand, as western ambassadors arrive to discuss foreign  

                    "Apsara" (angels) magically come to life.                       relation. Witness the magnificent procession of royal barges. 



Act II - Journey beyond Imagination : The Three Worlds 

Despite their diverse cultures and livelihoods, Thai people are all bound by a common belief in the religious principle of the Law of Karma. Good deeds or bad deeds in this world result in merit or suffering in the next life. 

In Act 2 we visit the three realms central to traditional Thai beliefs...


Fiery Hell, where the flames are fulled by people sins, is ruled by Phrayom, King of Hell. He ensures that the condemned souls receive punishment that matches the nature and gravity of their crimes. Liars have their tongues out; alcoholics are forced to drink from a cauldron of boiling water; adulterers must climb a tree bristling with sharp thorns...


Mystical Himapaan

Himapaan is a mystical forest that exists at  the boundary between our earthly realm and heaven. This beautiful and mysterious forest is populated by magical creatures such as Kinaree (half woman-half bird), and Nareepon (beautiful girls born from trees as fruit)... In this scene, we see Mekhala & Ramasoon, demi gods who are believed , in Thai mythology, to be the progenitors of lightning and thunder. 




Blissful Heaven 

Heaven, where Indra, the greatest deity of all, presides. Angels perform an elegant aerial dance. 

Act III - Journey Through joyous festivals 

Thai Buddhists believe that to go to heaven, one must gather merit on earth. Thai culture is full of a wide variety of merit-making festivals, which combine religious ceremony with colorful and joyful celebration, for example , Ordination Ceremonies, Songkran, the Phitakhon ghost Parade, Loy Krathong etc. 


                                       Loy Krathong                                                                           Joyous Festivals 

Pre-show Attractions 

Other than the spectacular show, do come early because there are lot of activities that you can see and do. Not only will you enjoy but you will learn more about the Thai ways of life in bygone times which is not easy to find nowadays. 

- Traditional village 

- The Magic of Naga-Fountain, light & Laser spectacle 

- Elephant War Parade 

-Outdoor dance performances 

- Elephant feeding 7 rides 

- Thai boxing 7 games 

- souvenir shops 


At Siam Niramit Phuket, the show will starts at 20:30pm.,but our gates open at 17:00pm. for access to the restaurant, and enjoy other pre-show attractions. 

This Attractions/facilities map is available on site...





Please note: Some pre-show attractions and activities may be delayed/cancelled in advance in adverse weather conditions. 


Traditional Thai Village 

Take a tour of the Thai Village and see the different rural lifestyles across the Four regions of Thailand in bygone times. Enjoy a glimpse of traditional lifestyle, arts and craft of rural Thailand. 


                      Process of making silk                           "Bai Sri", Welcoming guests                                 Batik painting 

                          Northeast Region                                           Northern Region                                     Southern Region





Rice pounding & making Thai desserts, Kanom Krok

     Central Region.





                                                               Feeding the buffaloes & myriad of colorful fish



The Magic of Naka 

The Magic off Naka - Fountain, Light and Laser Spectacle 

At siam Niramit Phuket, we built exquisite Naga statue at a massive 35 meter in length. 

Naga is believed by Thai people as a God of Water, symbolizes power and prosperity 

It is also the centerpiece of a spectacular fountain, light and laser show. 

Elephant War Parade 

This majestic act takes us back into history (Ayutthaya about 400 years ago), recreating a ceremonial Victory Parade before going to battle. You will see the elephants, dressed for battle, accompanied by a procession of soldiers and ceremonial dancers. Once the parade comes to a halt, guests are invited to join them for a unique No-where-else photo opportunity    

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