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Phuket town
Hanuman Flying

Hanuman Fying is your chance to see the unseen face of Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman. After flying from tree to tree, you will know there is more than sea, sun and sand here.

Flying with safety
Our zipline eco-adventures are perfect for people of all ages. Flying Hanuman's highly trained staff is happy to have led guests from 4 years to 80 years old, but for safety reasons there is a maximum weight limit of 120 kgs.

Our highly-trained, expert staff ensure 100% comfort and safety for our customers at all times.

The longest line is 400 meters long, the longest in Phuket. 

There are 3 packages to enjoy Hanuman flying

**Journey A** A full fun adventure with meal and seasonal fruit set           3,490THB  3,200THB


**Journey B** A full fun adventure with seasonal fruit set/ no meal           3,250THB  3,000THB

**Journey C** A quick thrill ride through the jungle with seasonal fruit       set/no meal 2,300THB  2,100THB

Journey A and B are composed of 28 platforms which is including;
- 15 ziplines
- 2 abseil points
- 2 sky bridges
- 3 spiral staircases
- 1 sky rail
- 20 minutes wilderness walk


*Phuket town amazing viewpoint
*Sky  rail
*Honeymoon Sling
*40 meters abseil point
*Longest flight 400 meters of zipline fun
*An incredible 2 hours zipline eco-adventure 
*Journey A & B operates daily 08:00 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 15:00

Discovery Journey C included 16 platforms which are; 
*8 ziplines 
*1 abseil point
*1 sky bridge
*2 spiral staircases 
*20 minute widerness walk 

*honeymoon sling
*15 meters abseil point 
*longest flight 100 meters of zipline fun
*an unforgettable hour-long eco-adventure 
*Journey C operates daily 08:00 / 15:00 

****Remark**** Its recommended that all guests wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and shoes that can be used outdoors.
Flying Hanuman involves light levels of physical exertion. 
*Customers weight must not be over 120 kgs. 
*Children under 4 years of age are not recommended. 

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