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Private Boat Charter

Enjoy a private cruise with Being Tours & Travel onboard any of  the luxury boat of your choice as we cruise around the beautiful island of Phuket. 


Our specialty is knowing exactly how to cater to discerning clients just like yourself aboard any of our charters.

We understand your needs and high expectations for having everything planned and executed perfectly for your private boat experience.

This is what we continuously strive for each and every time we go out; It is our boutique approach! Our proven ability and 5-Star satisfaction rating makes us a natural choice for locals and visitors from all around the world expecting a private boat experience.


Choose from half day and full day rentals to multi-day term charters. 


So whether it’s a beautiful sunset cruise, a fun-filled adventure to the neighboring islands we’ll deliver the luxurious experience you’re after at prices that won’t be beat.


Please send us a booking request for more information and prices, we would like to know how many guests and preferred destinations to be able to quote you a correct price. Also mention which boat you prefer. 


Chowa 74
Galeon 47
Rose 65
 2 engines Speedboat
3 engines Speedboat 
Power Catamaran
Sailing Catamaran



If you want a quote private charter please give us some roughly info below so we can quote you the rate.

1. What boat you would like to to use? You can see choose from the options we have above or if you have any specific boat you like.

2. Which island(s) you would like to visit? If you don't know, you can let us know about your interests or preference. 

3. Your hotel in Phuket for calculating the cost of pick up service.

4 Total number of people in your group. Let us know how many people in your group? please let us know if you have any senior(S), kid(s) or anyone who has health dependent problem so we can suggest you the boat which suitable for your group.

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