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Elephant Care

Elephant had a long history and closely relationship with Thai people. For many years ago, some of elephants are live in natural around the village, when elephants were born, local people will support foods and treat for them. therefore, elephants can survive in natural but unable to seek foods in the farm by themselves. To support a happy life for the elephants, we always welcome you to share love and look after elephants together. 

**This package conducts in Phang Nga which is takes 2 hours driving from hotel in Phuket.** 

Price Adult 2,800THB Child 1,800THB

07:30-08:00 * Pick up from your hotel
                         * Changing clothes to be a mahout suit and training a basic                              of elephants training course
                         * Meet the elephants, interact and enjoy learning a basic of                              elephants about their behavior and history. 

                         * Enjoy cooking the food and feed the elephants.

                         * Playing together with the elephants 

                         * Thai food lunch, fresh fruits, tea and coffee

                         * Enjoying mud spa with elephant

                         * Bathing with elephant

                         * Tea and coffee break 

                         * Insurance

                         * National park fee
17:00-18:00   * Transfer back to hotel safely 


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Phuket tours
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